Exam Results 2018

Headline data for GCSE results

GCSE Students entered: 27
Percentage A* to A / 9 – 7 26%
Percentage A* to B / 9 – 5 74%
Percentage A* to C / 9 – 4 90%

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Dr Julian Murphy, Headmaster, said: “I am absolutely delighted with our GCSE results this year. Our results have improved on last year on every single measure, with 26% of grades at 9-7 and 52% of grades at 9-6/B. These results are testament to the hard work and dedication of both students and teachers and, for a non-selective school, are truly impressive. Most exciting is the fact that our percentage of grade 6 results are up by 21%. This shows that the educational reforms underway within our School are already raising the number of grade 6 GCSEs gained by middle and lower ability pupils. This is a trend that will only grow stronger over the coming years.

Particular congratulations to Maud, who achieved nine GCSEs at 9 and 8 grades and Naomi, who achieved seven GCSEs at 9 and 8 grades.

Megan was ‘excited and relieved’ with her results which are enabling her to continue at Loughborough Amherst School for her A Levels including PE.

Emily and her mum were over the moon with her results and she’s now looking forward to tackling her A Levels.

Congratulations to Naomi who was speechless with her results. Having not expected to achieve any grade 9s to get two, in Biology and PE, was almost too much to take in.








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Headline data for A Level results

A Level students entered: 20
Percentage pass rate: 98.2%
Percentage A* to A: 21.4%
Percentage A* to B: 57.1%
Percentage A* to C: 75%

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Dr Julian Murphy, Headmaster, said: “We are very pleased with our A Level results this year. More than 20% of our grades are A*-A and nearly 60% are A*-B. I am particularly pleased that our more recently appointed staff have all shown their undoubted ability through an excellent impact on results in their particular subject areas.”

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  • Amherst A Levels 2018-1033 (Large)

Lucy is ‘shocked, relieved and very happy’ to receive 3 As and she is now preparing to head to the University of Nottingham to read American Studies and English.

Amelia is now working in marketing and social media whilst taking a gap year before possibly pursuing a career in marketing. Lauren was delighted to receive an unconditional offer from Sheffield to study Physiotherapy. Chloe has now achieved a long held dream (since Year 7) of studying Fashion Marketing at Nottingham Trent (and she received an unconditional offer).

Olivia is ‘very happy’ to be off to the University of Nottingham to study Business Management.


Alisha is ‘very pleased’ to be studying Physics and Astrophysics at the University of Leicester after receiving her results today.