Destinations 2017

Here you will find destination information for our Year 13 students who received their results this summer, and their chosen university destinations.

This year we have one student who has gained a full sports scholarship to study for a year at Temple University in Philadelphia before she returns to study in the UK.

Two of our students have each decided to plan a packed gap year which includes gaining important work and life experience before they embark on their degrees starting in the academic year 2018/2019.

We wish everyone well and look forward to welcoming them back in to School to share in their experiences and inspire younger pupils.

University Course Code Course name
University of the West of England C800 Psychology
Nottingham Trent L330 Ethnic Studies
University of Birmingham C6L4 Sport & Physical Education & Coaching Science
University of Nottingham C850 Cognitive & Affective Psychology
Cardiff University Y45G
Liverpool M100 Law
Temple University Philadelphia N500 Marketing
University of Nottingham D40B Integrated Agricultural Business Management
Liverpool John Moores University V350 History of Art
De Montfort University B720 Midwifery
Gap year before studying Gap Veterinary Medicine
Gap year before studying Gap English Literature & French
University of Exeter B821 Medical Imaging (Diagnostic Radiography)
University of Leeds M100 Law
University of Hertfordshire W221 Illustration