Destinations 2018

Congratulations to our our students who received their A Level results this summer, we wish everyone well and look forward to welcoming them back in to School to share in their experiences and inspire younger pupils.

Total students (18) First Place Insurance Place Clearing Apprenticeship PQA Gap Year
10 2 1 2 2 1
University applicants 76% 15% 7%
Course Course Code University 1st Choice
American History V230 East Anglia Y
American Studies with English QT37 Nottingham Y
Architecture K100 Cardiff Clearing
Criminology 382M Bath Spa Y
Fashion Marketing WN25 Nottingham Trent Y
Gap year
History V100 Exeter Y
Law LLB Nottingham Trent Y
Management N200 Nottingham Y
Mathematics G100 Newcastle Y
Modern Languages and Culture RR13 Manchester Insurance
Physics and Astro Physics F3F5 Leicester Insurance
Physiotherapy B160 Sheffield Hallam Y
Psychology C800 Leicester De Montfort Y
Post Qualification Application
Post Qualification Application