Exam Results 2017

Headline data for GCSE results

25 pupils entered
A*-A or Grades 9-7 = 22%
A*-B or Grades 9-5.5 = 46%
A*-C or Grades 9-4 = 82%

We are very pleased with our GCSE results for 2017. They demonstrate the hard work of our pupils and the excellent support they have received from their teachers during a period of great change in the examinations system. Twenty two percent of grades were A*-A/9-7, 46% were A*-B/9-5.5, and 82% were A*-C/9-4.

Particular congratulations go to Georgia Morris, who achieved straight A grades or higher in all her subjects, to Hana Hassan, who achieved 9 grades at A*-A, and to Serena Fathers, who achieved 8 grades at A*-A.

In total, 24% of our students achieved 5 or more grades at A*-A.

Headmaster, Dr Julian Murphy, commented: “At a time during which – quite rightly – GCSEs are becoming more rigorous and challenging, it is pleasing to see our students continuing to stretch themselves and achieve top grades. There is enormous potential in this year group and I am excited to see what they will be able to achieve as they move on to Sixth Form.”

  • GCSE-1
  • Small -1012
  • Small -1009
  • GCSE-6
  • Small–1003
  • Small -1000
  • Small -1008
  • Small–1005
  • GCSE-2
  • GCSE-3
  • GCSE-4
  • GCSE-5
  • GCSE-7

Georgia achieved all A*s or As across her GCSE results and was understandably excited to celebrate with her sister Claudia who achieved an excellent outcome in her A Level results last week.


Serena (pictured with Charlotte) celebrated with her mother and sister today when she received the news that she had achieved 8 A*s or As in her results, following on from her older sister’s success in the A Level results last week. These results will stand her in good stead as she prepares for A Levels and ultimately Medical School. Mrs Fathers commented, “The sisters have been so supportive of each other, keeping each other motivated and sharing in their successes, they’ve been there for each other and it is wonderful that they have both achieved such excellent results.”


Charlotte was speechless with joy when she received her results which included two As and an A*. Proud mother, Mrs Parry said, “She’s worked super-hard, and even when she came out of exams fearing the worst, she learned to put those fears behind her and keep revising for the next one…and it’s certainly paid off!”


Headline data for A Level results

100% pass rate
A* – A = 29%
A* – C = 88%

We are delighted with our A Level results for 2017. They are a real testament to the hard work and talent of our students and to the dedicated support they have received from our teaching staff.

We are particularly pleased that the proportion of our A* grades was more than triple that achieved in 2016, and that 29% of grades achieved were A*-A, which is 4% up on last year.

Of our Year 13 students, 27% achieved straight A* and A grades and more than half of them achieved B grades or higher in all their results.

In terms of university destinations, 70% of our students achieved the grades required to get into their first choice of university, and all achieved the grades necessary for their firm or insurance offer.

Dr Julian Murphy, Headmaster, said “We are at the start of an exciting academic journey and it is pleasing to see that we are already raising the aspirations and results of our most able students whist continuing to provide a nurturing environment for all. I wish them all the best as they embark on the next phase of their life, wherever it may take them.”

  • S17_1389 (Medium)
  • S17_1351 (Medium)
  • S17_1341 (Medium)
  • S17_1309 (Medium)
  • S17_1381 (Medium)
  • S17_1288 (Medium)
  • S17_1283 (Medium)
  • S17_1270 (Medium)

Ellie is delighted with her results and her confirmed place at the University of Birmingham to study Sport, Physical Education and Coaching Science.


Tara (first left) who celebrates her birthday today said, “I’m so pleased with my results, they are better than expected and I am so looking forward to studying Diagnostic Radiography at Exeter”. Her father added, “We are extremely proud of her achievement across the range of subjects she studied. This is wonderful news and a great way to mark her birthday.”

Twins Iona and Cara were celebrating 3 A* and 3 As between them. Speaking on the day their parents said, “To say we are pleased with their results is an understatement, they’ve both worked very hard and we are delighted for them.”


Jemima is delighted to be off to Liverpool to study Law.

Congratulations to Lucy Jones who is already in the USA studying at Temple University, Philadelphia. Lucy achieved, as predicted, an A* in her PE and this grade when combined with her outstanding sporting portfolio has gained her a full sporting scholarship. We look forward to hearing more from Lucy on her return.

Emma Bardsley was delighted that her fears regarding her results were unfounded and is excited to be heading to Bristol to ready Psychology.

Anna Wanstall has already made great in-roads into achieving her future career after she’s completed studying Illustration and Graphic Design at the University of Hertfordshire. Last summer Anna completed a one month internship in Barcelona where she was not only the youngest on the course but also the only undergraduate. This did not prove to be a stumbling block for our intrepid student who now has contacts around the world and will be meeting up with them in the future as she pursues her dream of Graphic Design.

Melanie Lamb is now able to realise a dream to work within museums and is excited to be heading to Liverpool John Moores University to study History of Art and Museum Studies.

Unfortunately it is not possible to focus on everyone’s achievements but our students have all done extremely well. Congratulations & good luck to them all for the future.