Extra-Curricular Activities

We believe that young people reap valuable life skills and benefit from the opportunity to experience a wide range of extra-curricular activities.  Through our rich and varied extra-curricular timetable there are paths each pupil can explore; enhancing their learning, broadening their horizons and future employability.  Our timetable encompasses all pupils from Pre-Prep up to Sixth Form and each activity will help reinforce useful life skills such as punctuality, teamwork, problem solving and carrying responsibility. Pupils accessing the Loughborough Schools Foundation Music department may also be interested to read the associated extra-curricular information.

Extra-Curricular Music Activities

Joining an ensemble will help your child to become a better musician and develop an important social skill.  Membership of a group should be regarded as a fundamental part of their music education rather than as an optional extra; your child will improve sight reading, aural skills and experience a greater range of repertoire. Here at Loughborough Schools Foundation ensembles are offered free of charge and we strongly encourage all pupils to take part.

All our sports clubs and practices are inclusive and we offer a wide range of physical activities for pupils to participate in outside their school curriculum. These include but are not limited to: netball, dance and cheerleading, cross country, rounders and tennis.

Each term the School provides extra opportunities for pupils to try new sports that they may not have played before or to participate in one-off competitions run by the School Sports Partnership. These run across both our Preparatory and Senior schools and includes examples like sports hall athletics and key steps gymnastics.

Leadership Academy

We give pupils from a range of year groups the opportunity to assist with running various clubs and practices at lunch times and after school. This is open for students from Year 3 to Sixth Form when they have the opportunity to complete additional qualifications in first aid and safeguarding. We also offer Sports Leaders award – Level 1 Sport and Dance.