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Welcome to the website of Loughborough Amherst School, where you can gain a brief insight into what makes this such a vibrant, caring and successful school community. At the heart of the School is its ethos, inspired by the philosophy of Blessed Antonio Rosmini, that a ‘pupil must be allowed to grow and develop as an integrated human person.’

We are proud of being a Catholic school but we do not seek to impose any doctrinal belief on any member of our community. The School contains Anglicans, Methodists, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists, as well as pupils whose home life is entirely secular. What we practise is the belief of our founder that education is about the whole person and that spiritual and moral reflection are central to the growth, flourishing and happiness of the human person. We believe that our greatest selling point is the young women in our Sixth Form. They are confident but not arrogant; ambitious but not materialistic; and are well equipped to face the worst and embrace the best that life has to offer. As such they are a living advertisement for the enduring values at the heart of the Rosminian approach to education.

Another key fact which shapes the character of our School is that we cater for pupils from 4 to 18 years and that our Preparatory school is co-educational. In fact, with the opening of the Loughborough Schools Foundation Nursery, which is on our site, we now offer care to boys and girls as young as a few months old. This really shapes the feel of our School, giving it a warm family atmosphere.

From September 2019, we will be welcoming boys into our Senior School, thereby extending our excellent educational offering to boys and girls from the age of 4 to 18 years.

Academically, Loughborough Amherst School is a non-selective school. Our small class sizes, excellent individualised care and flexible curriculum allow us to cater for a range of abilities in a way that more selective schools, or larger non-selective schools, cannot always match. In fact, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring out the best in a pupil, whether they are aiming for Oxbridge entry, or they are someone who has decided that university is probably not the best route for them.

For a non-selective school, our public examination results are truly impressive. This summer our pupils achieved 21.4% A*-A and 75% A*-C at A Level, and 26% A*-A; 74% A*-B and 90% A*-C at GCSE. Most importantly, the vast majority of our leavers went on to their first choice of university. But, of course, there is never room for complacency. We pride ourselves on operating a particularly rigorous programme of teaching-and-learning quality assurance to ensure that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of an ever increasing excellence of provision for all pupils, regardless of ability.

What makes us, perhaps, unique is the extent to which we now enjoy the benefits of being both small and large. Our membership of the Loughborough Schools Foundation allows us to combine all that is best in our community with the benefits of the human and physical resources of a campus of two thousand two hundred students. The benefits are numerous. To give just four examples: our budding musicians have access to one of the finest music schools in the country; our Sixth Formers can choose from twenty-eight A Level courses; our youngest pupils can enjoy outdoor learning in a Forest School; and applicants for Oxford, Cambridge or the leading US universities are able to access subject specialist mentoring from a large body of teaching staff stretching across three schools.

If you are interested in finding out more about Loughborough Amherst School you can book a place at one of our Open evens, or you can contact us to arrange a visit on any day that is convenient for you. I am sure that, having met our staff and pupils, you will – like me – feel that this is a school that combines the best of the traditional and the modern to provide a fully rounded education of the very highest quality.

Dr J Murphy