Taster Days & Sessions

Our next scheduled taster day is for boys and girls currently in Year 6 who are looking to join us in September 2019.

Boys and girls are invited to join us for a day of enjoyable, stimulating, hands-on educational activities in our warm and friendly school. Our taster day experience will give your child valuable insight into our ethos and an exciting flavour of Senior School life.

To enquire or book a place please contact Mrs Wendy Spencer on [email protected] or by telephoning 01509 638280 – she will be happy to answer any questions and assist in booking a place for your son on the taster day.

Preparatory and Senior School Taster Days

Once you have experienced the warm welcome of a School tour your son or daughter will be invited to attend a taster day.  This is an important element in the decision making process and not one to be overlooked.  During the day your son or daughter will be introduced to their Year group, given some basic orientation (toilets, reception, Refectory and classrooms), make friends and attend lessons in subjects they have expressed a preference for.  This has proved to be a very successful exercise with pupils quickly establishing friendships and discovering existing external links with other peers in School.

We operate a rolling-enrolment programme and should you wish to join us part-way through our year we will be happy to arrange taster days to suit you.

Pre-Preparatory Taster Sessions

For the younger children (ages 4-5) taster sessions are managed in a supported manner.  Parents accompanied by their young son or daughter are given a tour.  We have found without exception, that children are often very happy to be entertained (and educated) through interactive play whilst their parents take a step back.  Transition into our caring family can be managed over a period of weeks, building your child’s confidence until he or she is ready to settle into their new routine.

If you have any questions or for more information please call Mrs Wendy Spencer, Registrar on 01509 638280, she will be delighted to talk through options for how you can explore Loughborough Amherst School in greater depth. Alternatively, email her on [email protected] this email address will be checked periodically during the summer holidays.