Alumni & Friends (PPSA)

Joining the PPSA:

The Alumni of Our Lady’s Convent School embraces past staff as well as past students and is more commonly known as the PPSA (Past Pupils and Staff Association).  The PPSA communicate with members via emails and newsletters and everyone is welcome to attend School events throughout the year.  Past students and staff are actively encouraged to share their experiences of their time at the School and how it has shaped and prepared them for their careers in later life.

If you are not already a member why not complete and return an application form.  Membership is free and takes only seconds to complete the Join the PPSA Application Form and send to [email protected] if you think your details may have changed since you registered please e-mail [email protected] or write to the School at: Our Lady’s Convent School, Gray Street, Loughborough, Leics. LE11 2DZ. Upon registration, everyone becomes a Life Member. Past Pupils who have the original Life Memberships continue to benefit from reduced prices at PPSA events.


Chairman: Mary Hopkins
Minutes Secretary: Anna Murphy
Treasurer: Liz Marshall
Members: Ann Bartholomew, Anne Murphy, Liza Edwards, Grace Smalley, Izzy Wilkie Amanda Swann and Lynn Clarke

The Committee would prefer all correspondence to be via e-mail, this brings information to you quickly and easily, but also with a huge cost saving. We are then able to use any money we raise for other purposes within the School. We are aware that some of you are not willing or able to access this form of communication, and for you we shall continue to send out hard copy information provided we hold current address details for you.

Please don’t forget, if you have moved house, or changed your e-mail address, please let us know to enable us to amend our records and continue keeping in touch with you.

PPSA Carol Singing and Cheese and Wine Evening.

An enjoyable evening was spent in the Chapel when past pupils from various eras joined together to sing carols. The PPSA Christmas tree was on display and a wonderful spread of cheeses and wines ended a jolly evening. “What a good way to begin Christmas” said one attendee, “The first carols of Christmas” added another.

PPSA Reunion Picnic

The OLCS Past Pupils and Staff Association enjoyed their Reunion Picnic in the Summer term. Alumni made the most of being back at school, taking tours of the Convent building and catching up with Staff members. The afternoon was a great success and the PPSA look forward to hosting further events.

We hope that we can inform you of events, great and small, that may be of interest to former Convent pupils; therefore we invite you to enrol and enjoy getting in touch with the friends with whom you have lost touch.