The Justham Library

The Justham Library has been developed and continues to evolve as an important resource centre for the School. It is staffed by our qualified Librarian and is open throughout the School day giving the pupils and staff access to a wide range of resources for study and research. The library also offers a quiet sanctuary for the Sixth Form in which they can work during non-contact lesson times.

The resources in the library consist of a solid based reference collection and non-fiction collection of books which are complemented by a wide range new multimedia technology. The library catalogue is computerised using the ECLIPSE web-based library management system in order to enhance search facilities for the users.

In the Seniors access to the Internet is available to all the girls for educational purposes and is integrated with the library management system, offering access to Weblinks – a full range of evaluated websites that are relevant to the School curriculum. In order to keep abreast of recent developments the library subscribes to several newspapers and journals.

Library Monitors

In both the Preparatory and Justham Library pupils are given the opportunity to become Library Monitors. In the Justham Library, the role is open to all and the team is composed of a mix of girls ranging from Year 7 to Sixth Form. Monitors work in pairs, overseen by our Librarian, over the lunch time period to provide an efficient Library service.