Fees 2013-2014





Senior & VI Form

3-5 years

5-7 years

7-11 years

11-18 years

£2607 per term

£2755 per term

£2850 per term

£3396 per term

There is a Sibling discount of 50% of fees for the third and each subsequent child in a family attending the School at the same time.  

The annual School fee is divided into three equal termly payments, not adjusted to length of term. School fees are not adjusted for any periods of absence for whatever reason. Parents/guardians may wish to take out private insurance against this event.

Each parent/guardian is held jointly and severally liable for the payment of School fees.

A full term’s notice in writing is required before the withdrawal of a pupil from the School or the
discontinuance of an extra subject, otherwise a term’s fees are payable in lieu.

Fees are due in advance on the first day of each term.  An administration charge will be made on all late payments at the rate of 1.5% per month, and will be applied to the balance outstanding on the last working day of each calendar month.

INCLUSIVE LUNCHES (compulsory for new starters up to, and including, Year 11)
The price for each term will be calculated according to the number of days in the term, and based on the following daily meal prices: Seniors £3.00; Juniors £2.75 and Infants £2.50.  Termly prices will be as follows.


Autumn 2013

Spring 2014

Summer 2014














According to days attended at £2.50 per meal

Transitional, “Pay as you go” price is £3.50 for Seniors, Juniors £3.30 and Infants £3.00.

A registration fee of £75 is payable on application to join the School.

A retention fee of £250 is payable in advance to secure an offered place.  This will be refunded on condition that all School property issued to your child has been returned in good condition and on completion of your child’s education here, in Year 6, (boys only), Year 11 or Year 13.

The fee for the Entrance Examination/Pre-entry/Assessment day is included in the Registration Fee. Tuition Fees for the Senior School include fees for public examinations.  If a pupil starts in Year 8 or above, there will be an exam catch-up charge for the earlier senior years.  Any re-sits will be charged separately to the person responsible for paying school fees.

Please send fees, and any correspondence concerning fees, to Mrs M Staniforth, School Accountant, OLCS, Gray Street, Loughborough LE11 2DZ, not to the Headteacher or any other member of staff.

OLCS Nursery participates in the Leicestershire Education Authority Nursery Funding Scheme whereby all
3 and 4 year olds can claim up to 15 hours of funding per week to help with the cost of childcare.  Nursery vouchers from various institutions paid via payroll salary sacrifice schemes are also accepted.  Please contact the School Accountant for further details.

Personal accident insurance at the rate of £10.00 per pupil, per year, is invoiced with the Autumn Term fees. Details of cover etc. are available from the Finance Department.

The School accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to the personal property of pupils.

EXTRA OPTIONAL SUBJECTS (Fees available on request)
Music - individual lessons
Ballet - group lessons

OTHER SERVICES AND TRIPS – Chargeable as required:
The Pelican Club (before and after school care, including Breakfast or High Tea)
On-site Dyslexia Tuition (CReSTeD Accreditation)
Swimming at the Leisure Centre (invoiced with the Spring Term fees)
Extra-curricular educational visits or activities

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