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Headmaster Blog – Kids are not alright

posted on June 14th 2018 in Headmaster's Blog

The kids are not alright, but that’s nothing to get worried about. I am occasionally baffled by the extent to which colleagues who have been working with teenagers for years are prone to express sudden and genuine outrage at the fact that a pupil has been particularly self-centred, aggressive, impulsive or moody. Mental health (or,

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Headmaster’s Blog – Honesty

posted on June 6th 2018 in Headmaster's Blog

What teenagers need now is less inspiration and more honesty. I have become increasingly convinced that the mental health challenges the young face are, with the best of intentions, made worse by our constant desire to inspire and motivate them. The result can be endless assemblies about overcoming obstacles and challenging yourself to be the

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Headmaster’s Blog – Internet

posted on May 24th 2018 in Headmaster's Blog

Why the internet is making us all sad, mad and bad…  I cannot imagine life without the internet, and I cannot honestly remember what life was like before it came along. I purchase books on Audible and keep a library of songs on my phone. I book holidays, plan journeys, download articles and, increasingly, watch

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Headmaster’s Blog – Mental Health

posted on May 15th 2018 in Headmaster's Blog

The key thing we all need to grasp about mental health: it’s not binary. When it comes to the public discourse about mental health problems, we have come a long way in quite a short time. As recently as a decade ago, it would have taken considerable bravery on the part of a headteacher to

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Headmaster’s Blog – Revision

posted on May 2nd 2018 in Headmaster's Blog

Top ten tips for effective revision. As we draw near to the summer exams season, it seems timely to offer my top ten tips on effective revision. None of these tips are particularly original. They are common sense advice that can be found in many schools, but gathering them into one place on this blog

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