Our Chefs, Alison and Mandy’s focus is on delivering fresh, home-made, enticing, delicious foods to tempt even the most cautious eater. We take great care and pride in sourcing good quality raw materials; we order fresh meat from our butcher and wherever possible we buy British. Alison and Mandy’s extensive culinary experience enables them to bring a depth of flavour and a good range of meal choices to the pupils and staff.  If your son or daughter is uncertain what to select he or she will be offered the opportunity to try a sample before making their final selection. This approach has seen many young and previously cautious eaters broaden their culinary repertoire.

The refectory is open and serving breakfast before School (08:00 to 08:35) and then from 10:45 to 11:05 for morning break. When pupils join the Senior School they are issued with an access card, this also enables them to occasionally purchase items without the worry of carrying cash.

At lunch time pupils eat together in the refectory in their year group. The Pre-Prep and Preparatory pupils eat together and for the seniors, entry to the refectory is by a strict rota system to ensure every year group has access to ‘first lunch’ at least once a week.

Without exception all dietary requirements are provided for and the Catering Team are quick to recognise and notify staff if they have any cause for concern over a pupil’s choices. We offer a wide variety of delicious hot food including two soup choices. A dedicated member of the team is on hand to supplement the core offering of sandwiches, rolls and salads with freshly made bespoke options.

If you have questions or would like clarification on any aspect of the catering please do contact Mr John Orrill, Catering and Events Manager on 01509 263901 or email  For a greater understanding of the catering provision across the Foundation, please take a moment to read the LES Catering leaflet.

We are a nut free site and would like to thank parents for helping us by not permitting their children to bring any products or food items that contain nuts into School.