Rosmini (Yellow)

Named after Blessed Antonio Rosmini (1798 – 1855).  Born in Italy, his family were wealthy and he was educated at Padua University.  He wanted to become a priest.  At first his parents objected, but when they realised how determined he was, they relented.  Rosmini was particularly concerned about the way individuals’ rights were being eroded away by governments who, post French Revolution were trying to increase their power and restrict the basic rights of the ordinary person.  Rosmini was a voice defending the rights of the people to speak and act in the cause of democracy.  Rosmini travelled to England and founded the Sisters of Providence, a teaching order, much in advance of its time.  Under the tutelage of the Sisters the children were encouraged to grow in love and kindness, stressing what each child could do was important, not what the child could not do.  As a result a happy atmosphere existed in all the Rosminian Schools and is still very evident in Loughborough Amherst School today.