Pic-in-Page-Y5_Taster_landscapeWe are delighted to announce that Our Lady’s Convent School (OLCS) joined the Loughborough Endowed Schools Foundation on 1st September 2015 thereby securing the future of our very special school for generations to come.  (Read more…)

Welcome to Our Lady’s Convent School; founded on strong Christian principles we are a Catholic School but welcome and respect students, their families and staff irrespective of faith.  We have a strong tradition of family associations with second and third generation members joining us for their educational journey.  Co-educational from Nursery (age 3) to Year 6 (age 11) our girls progress into our single sex Senior and Sixth Form to leave us aged 18 as well balanced young ladies equipped for shaping their place in the world, wherever their careers may take them.

Our Lady’s Convent School is a very special place, our ethos is that of our founder, Blessed Antonio Rosmini; who understood that a pupil must be allowed to grow and develop as a complete and well balanced individual.   Through our holistic approach to education we seek out and nurture each student’s diverse range of talents.   Academic targets are set according to an individual’s achievement potential, everyone is challenged and supported throughout their education and they leave us as fulfilled members of society.

We measure our students’ development across a range of factors, choosing not to focus solely on academic achievement but also on their emotional, social and personal progression during their time with us.  At Our Lady’s Convent School we understand the importance of recognising achievements and building a student’s sense of self-worth whilst still celebrating the accomplishments of others.

The beautiful Chapel is at the heart of our School and the Rosminian order of the Sisters of Providence is still resident on site.   We have a very special caring atmosphere, where learning and enjoyment of life go hand-in-hand with the development of essential life skills, social awareness, honesty and integrity.